Which Swiss Vests trading account suits you?

We’ve created a suite of trading accounts that are geared towards serving the needs of every sort of trader. Whether you’re new to trading or even if you’re a seasoned trader, our trading accounts offer something for everyone!

Check out the Swiss Vests trading account comparison table below and pick the account type that suits your own trading style.

Swiss Vests' trading account comparison

No matter which Swiss Vests trading account you end up going with, you’re still going to get the lowest spreads & commissions, as well as a best-in-class trading platform.

If you need help when selecting a trading account, simply reach out to us. We’ll ask you what your trading goals are for 2023 and then let you know which trading account suits you best.

Account’s Leverage



Advanced Trading

Analyst Training

Stop Out

Dividends per Month
(After 3 Month Commitment)

Managed Account


Access to Our Premium
Trading Room

Invitations to our
VIP Events

Access to Account
Summary Report

Monthly Volume Limit
(In Notional Value)


Up to 1:20

Varies from
asset to another

As low as 0.06%





Up to 1:40

Varies from
asset to another

As low as 0.04%

1 Per Month



2 per Month

1 every 2 Months




Up to 1:100

Varies from
asset to another

As low as 0.03%

2 per Month



4 per Month


1 per Month




Up to 1:200

Varies from
asset to another

As low as 0.02%

4 per Month



8 per Month


1 per Month




Up to 1:400

Varies from
asset to another

As low as 0.0%

8 per Month



12 per Month


1 per Week



Important Notice: Traders who deposit or maintain a net deposit of more than €1,000,000 (or the equivalent in USD or GBP), are provided additional upgrades, which can’t be found on the table above table. Every exclusive privilege is given to our VIP and Elite trading account holders. Simply reach out to your Account Manager for further details on how you can get all of our truly exclusive privileges.

Disclaimer: If you’re a VIP and Elite trading account holder, you are required to hold funds in your account without any withdrawals for the first 3 months / 90 days. If, for whatever reason, you do withdraw funds from your Swiss Vests VIP or Elite account, your membership might be canceled. Why do we do this? When you receive a VIP or Elite trading account, you’re put on an investment journey that’s built around us empowering you to meet your financial goals within the first quarter of trading with us. If you do start withdrawing your investment before the end of your first trading journey quarter, we can’t ensure that you’ll be on track to meet all the financial goals you and our investment team have put in place. Therefore, you will be downgraded. We will alert you before this happens.

Swiss Vests Exclusive Privileges for VIP & Elite Trading Accounts

As a privileged trading account holder at Swiss Vests, you receive a variety of upgrades as well as special trading features that can be found at no other brokerages. Here’s just a glimpse of what you will receive when you join one of the Swiss Vests VIP or Elite trading accounts:

Swiss Vests Trading Signals

We provide a series of trading signals which alert you when to buy and sell a particular instrument. We’ve already gathered a 70%+ success rate on our trading signals. Your Swiss Vests Account Manager will walk you through the process on how they work as well as how you can greatly leverage them.

Swiss Vests Segregation of Funds

All client funds are segregated away from the Swiss Vests operational bank accounts. The creation of a segregated client account is a regulatory requirement, and one we take extremely seriously.

The key reason why tier-one regulators request brokerages to have segregated client accounts is that they make the clients’ funds secure in the event that the brokerage firm goes bankrupt, shuts down, etc. 

Safety & Security

Your safety and security while trading with us is paramount. To ensure that you continue to trade in a safe environment, we have added some measures which guarantee your security.

Swiss Vests complies with all regulatory criteria that relates to the safety of traders. This includes CAR (Capital Adequacy Requirements), as well as AML (Anti Money Laundering) standards. Another important step is to always maintain additional capital in our operation bank accounts as well as host segregated accounts, which are audited yearly by an independent Top Four accounting firm.

One-On-One Training Sessions

You’ll receive the best possible one-on-one trading coaching we can offer. We know just how important it is for you to hit your financial goals. But to do this, you need to know what to look for before placing a trade. You also need to know when it’s the right time to close a trade.

Swiss Vests gives you the best coaching team at its disposal, and our coaches will arrange one-on-one training sessions, which include our Chief Market Analyst.

Bonus Funds

You will receive a 100% Deposit Bonus, as well as a series of other bonuses we offer.

Whenever you do receive a bonus, it will be marked as a “pending bonus” on the Swiss Vests Client Portal. You can then activate this additional amount whenever you like, although you will need to execute a trade volume that’s 30 times the value of the bonus you’ll be receiving.

Feel free to discuss the terms and conditions of all bonuses we give out to our privileged members with your Account Manager.

Cashback on Volume

If you are a VIP or an Elite trading account holder, you will receive volume cashback (subject to terms & conditions). We calculate your volume for the cashback based on your CFD trades, as well as your other positions. Please note that there are special Terms that apply that can be found here.

The last 7 days of the month are the most important days of the month. You need to make sure that your account doesn’t fall below the minimum amount required, otherwise you might lose the ability to benefit from this bonus. To know more about your minimum balance, please consult the above table, or talk to one of Swiss Vests’ account managers.

Furthermore, you’ll have to refrain from withdrawing any amount from your account for the first 30 days after you’ve received your cashback. If there is any withdrawal, your cashback will be reversed, and any amount you withdraw will be removed from your overall balance.

Your cashback volume calculation will not take into consideration anything related to other promotions or bonuses. Please take note that if there is a buy and sell position on the same instrument or asset class and have the same expiration time, they’ll be considered as two separate trades.

  • Total Account Balance

    Your account balance is the balance that is displayed on your trading dashboard, which is used to open trades.

  • Total Account Bonus Balance

    This balance is a portion of your Swiss Vests trading account balance that cannot be withdrawn until the minimum trading account has been achieved. The total amount is achieved by taking all active bonuses, their value of profits and losses, into consideration Trading on stocks using the bonus funds is not allowed until the required trading volume has been achieved.

VIP & Elite Trading Accounts FAQ

I want access to Swiss Vests' top two accounts - VIP or Elite. How do I access them?

You’ll need to assess your goals and abilities, and based on that you can understand which trading account suits you. Starting with the required net investment of the account type you’re interested in is a must. As you trade and grow, your net balance will continue to increase and then you’ll be invited to level up your account to one of Swiss Vests' VIP or Elite accounts, which come with additional benefits.

Is it possible to update my trading account to the VIP or Elite accounts whenever I want?

Of Course! Upgrading your account is available whenever you’ve reached the required liquidity in your account. Once you’ve reached the threshold, you’ll be invited. Upgrading your account will be automatic.